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Indian Fusion with a Twist

Indian Fusion with a Twist

By combining the flavors of Indian cuisine with a modern and customizable approach, FlavorFull India is set out to carve out a unique space in the culinary landscape.

Owner of FlavorFull India Shweta wants to incorporate Fusion Concept to Indian Food at an affordable price point. The line concept is almost similar to buffet type set up and saves time for the customer who is on the move.

FlavorFull India is an exciting and innovative fast-casual restaurant concept that offers a fusion of Indian cuisine with a customizable approach, similar to the popular Chipotle style. Fast-casual Indian cuisine with a fusion twist, offering customizable options for Bowls, Burritos, Salads, Tacos, wings and Indian street food!!

Concept: Fast-casual Indian cuisine with a fusion twist, offering customizable options for Bowls, Burritos, Salads, Tacos, Pizza with choice of rice, proteins, curries, and toppings.

Menu: Diverse menu featuring Indian fast food items with healthier eating options. Customers can choose from rice, quinoa, and Khus Khus as grain options, and a variety of fresh proteins like lamb balls, chicken balls, shredded chicken, potatoes & cauliflower, tofu, cottage cheese (paneer), lentils, chickpeas (garbanzo beans), and more. For the traditional rice and curry lovers we have the platter combo at a very affordable price.

Ordering Process: Customers go down the line, similar to Chipotle, and select their naan wraps (Indian burritos) and bowls with greens, grains, or a combination. They can add a variety of veggies, spices, and sauces to customize their meal.

Signature Flavors: The combination of various textures and flavors in the naan bread wraps is remarkable, with options ranging from hot, fluffy naan to spicy, tender grilled and pepper chicken, crisp lamb, chicken and Potato patties. We didn't forget the most popular creamy raita, tamarind and date sauce, and green cilantro and mint sauce to enhance the flavors further. Customers can choose their preferred sauces and toppings to create a unique flavorful sumptuous taste. We are also bringing in Rawa ladoo dessert that is the authentic style from grandma’s kitchen.

Family-Friendly: The restaurant is open to both on-the-go customers who prefer carry-out or delivery (door dash, grubhub, Uber eats) and families who want to sit down and enjoy their meal in the restaurant.

Location: Park Plaza, Suite 100, 834 Ohio Pike, Cincinnati Ohio 45245, in a high-traffic area, targeting the local community and nearby businesses.

Menu Variety: In addition to the customizable naan wraps and bowls, the restaurant also offers popular Indian popular street food dishes, wraps, burgers, chats and pizzas

By offering a diverse and customizable menu, FlavorFull India is likely to appeal to a wide range of customers, from those seeking healthier options to those looking to explore the rich and varied flavors of Indian cuisine. The fusion concept adds a modern twist to traditional dishes, making it a trendy and attractive option for food enthusiasts.

The concept of FlavorFull India is indeed intriguing and has the potential to attract a diverse customer base. By incorporating a fusion twist to traditional Indian cuisine and offering a customizable approach, the restaurant aims to capture the attention of both those familiar with Indian flavors and those looking to explore new culinary experiences.

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